Emmy Nominated Sunday Night Football Extra: 4 Seasons and the First Live-Stream of Football’s Big Day

Sunday Night Football
Sunday Night Football
Sunday Night Football
Sunday Night Football
We’re proud of our ongoing relationship with NBC and Sunday Night Football and of the last launch of Vertigo's live HD video experience: NBC's Sunday Night Football Extra.

We first worked with NBC in 2009, building the Sports Emmy®-nominated SNF Extra 2009 application. We've since partnered with NBC to build the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics video experience, as well as the 2010 US Open (golf) and Wimbledon live HD video players. Vertigo's team for this project returned to Sunday Night Football again in the fall of 2010 with the goal of designing the most engaging live sports experience ever created for the web.

Great looking, High Definition Video
Using Microsoft's IIS Smooth Streaming technology and working with our partners at iStreamPlanet and Akamai, the video you see in this player again serves as the standard for clean, smooth, multi-bitrate, adaptive HD video on the web. The core video player is built using the open source Silverlight Media Framework, which Vertigo developed in cooperation with Microsoft.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
One of the major goals for this project was to make the entire application more engaging to users. What better place to start driving engagement than in the actual video being consumed? The PIP provides the following:

  • Alternate camera angle while watching the simulcast feed in the main window.
  • Streamlined way to switch to alternate camera angles.
  • Scaling of PIP when users move into Full Screen Mode.
  • Draggable PIP positioning.
  • Instantly collapsible PIP to remvoe it from your field of view!

The Ultimate Timeline
One reason that Sunday Night Football is such a fun event to work on is all of the interesting data we have to work with. One of the biggest challenges we faced was how to visualize all of that data without creating a noisy or distracting user interface. We also had to envision how to allow users to socially interact with all of this data, and how to create data of their own that might be interesting to their own social circles. We addressed these challenges by creating, Positional Thumbnail Preview, Play by Play Data, and Deep Linking to Plays.

Multi-speed DVR Controls
To give our users full control over the action, we provide instant replay, slow motion, and 4x/8x fast forward and rewind DVR controls. Direct every play, see that last catch over and over, and even decide on that last penalty call for yourself!

Twitter Battle
When it comes down to it, football fans tune in to see a battle on the gridiron every Sunday. To let fans be a part of that battle, we included the Twitter Battle as a leading social feature.

Chat with NBC's Mike Florio
Wondering if Peyton Manning will miss Marvin Harrison this year? Chat with NBC's Mike Florio during the game, and have your questions answered by the expert!

No need to wait for the announcers to tell you – updated stats info is available real-time throughout the game.

Game highlights, interviews, and more
A full offering of video clips is there to enhance the live experience. Continue to track the game via a live thumbnail.

NBC Sports Scores Emmy Nomination!
Vertigo is proud to announce that our contribution to Sunday Night Football Extra helped NBC Sports earn a 2010 Sports Emmy® Nomination. NBC Universal partnered with Vertigo for the 2009 NFL season to design and develop an online experience that would attract and engage football fans with an interactive program that complemented its live broadcast of Sunday Night Football. The innovative use of multiple, synchronized cameras let fans watch the action from many angles—all in true 720p HD.

By the conclusion of the 2009 NFL season, Sunday Night Football Extra had successfully streamed 1 million hours of video to approximately 2.2 million unique visitors.

31st Annual Sports Emmy Nomination
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